This game was developed for the One Minute Jam.
The gameplay lasts one minute only (approximately).
You can play the game in your browser with keyboard only.


  • ENTER - Interaction
  • WASD/cursors - Navigation


"Is it possible to make a game that leaves a memorable impression within a single minute of gameplay?" This was the game jam's initial question and we asked ourselves the same question and which emotion or thought we could plant in a user's mind to keep this game stuck in their head.

# THE GAME (Spoiler Alert!)

We went for frustration. 

Ever wanted to adopt a pet? Then maybe you know all the preparations; the anticipation. Finally you meet your forever friend, give him a name and watch his little tail wagging. And then somebody enters the room, takes him home and you're a forever loser...

This is my first completed game (and my first game jam). It was developed in JavaScript with PhaserJS.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
TagsMy First Game Jam, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


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I love the art style reminded me of UnderTale (that's a good thing) and when I seen the text I just had to name him Sans well hope that other family enjoys him :)

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the simplicity of the Undertale art style. And besides: Sans is a great name for a dog!



huh... dog


This was actually a pretty funny story.


nice! lol


You sir and/or madam, are evil.

Do you hear me? You are horrible evil eeeeevil people!

I’m going to share this with my friends >:-)


low key hilarious 10/10


Good bye ABC, you will be missed :(


Nice narrative, but too quick. What if you could also have a quiz come up like does he like to play fetch or only eat certain food

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Thank you for your feedback! I agree completely. We had more ideas like calling him by his name, choosing a collar or a bandana for him and so on. But unfortunately all these ideas would have gone beyond the scope of one single minute :'D

Cool, but, what's up with the dialogue text?


What do you mean exactly?

it's gliched. It gets out of bounds

Oh no, unfortunately I cannot replicate this :/ Could you please tell me the resolution you played it with?

I played it on the browser

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It seems like you must have a resolution/browser width of at least 1001px to display the texts correctly, because itch otherwise does not size the canvas correctly. :/ So thank you very much for pointing this out. Maybe I can provide an exe file in the future.


Cool game nice name making mechanic 

Glad that you liked it, because I use the same mechanic in my other game :)


fun little game

Thank you very much!


aww i wanted to adopt stan

Oh no stan :( I bet he has a cozy home now. It's...just not yours I guess. (Pls dont strike me)


kinda reminded me of pokemon, i guess cause of the dialouge boxes. good job