This game was developed for the One Minute Jam.
The gameplay lasts one minute only (approximately).
You can play the game in your browser with keyboard only.


  • ENTER - Interaction
  • WASD/cursors - Navigation


"Is it possible to make a game that leaves a memorable impression within a single minute of gameplay?" This was the game jam's initial question and we asked ourselves the same question and which emotion or thought we could plant in a user's mind to keep this game stuck in their head.

# THE GAME (Spoiler Alert!)

We went for frustration. 

Ever wanted to adopt a pet? Then maybe you know all the preparations; the anticipation. Finally you meet your forever friend, give him a name and watch his little tail wagging. And then somebody enters the room, takes him home and you're a forever loser...

This is my first completed game (and my first game jam). It was developed in JavaScript with PhaserJS.

Published 26 days ago
Made withPhaser
TagsMy First Game Jam, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


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I love the art style reminded me of UnderTale (that's a good thing) and when I seen the text I just had to name him Sans well hope that other family enjoys him :)

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the simplicity of the Undertale art style. And besides: Sans is a great name for a dog!



huh... dog


This was actually a pretty funny story.


nice! lol


You sir and/or madam, are evil.

Do you hear me? You are horrible evil eeeeevil people!

I’m going to share this with my friends >:-)


low key hilarious 10/10


Good bye ABC, you will be missed :(


Nice narrative, but too quick. What if you could also have a quiz come up like does he like to play fetch or only eat certain food

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Thank you for your feedback! I agree completely. We had more ideas like calling him by his name, choosing a collar or a bandana for him and so on. But unfortunately all these ideas would have gone beyond the scope of one single minute :'D

Cool, but, what's up with the dialogue text?


What do you mean exactly?

it's gliched. It gets out of bounds

Oh no, unfortunately I cannot replicate this :/ Could you please tell me the resolution you played it with?

I played it on the browser

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It seems like you must have a resolution/browser width of at least 1001px to display the texts correctly, because itch otherwise does not size the canvas correctly. :/ So thank you very much for pointing this out. Maybe I can provide an exe file in the future.


Cool game nice name making mechanic 

Glad that you liked it, because I use the same mechanic in my other game :)


fun little game

Thank you very much!


aww i wanted to adopt stan

Oh no stan :( I bet he has a cozy home now. It's...just not yours I guess. (Pls dont strike me)


kinda reminded me of pokemon, i guess cause of the dialouge boxes. good job